Friday, September 28, 2007

Rocktown Dynamo "A Very Scary Ride"

Rocktown Dynamo
118 miles
10PM leave Court Square Harrisonburg, VA
Loop over Reddish Knob; Sugar Grove, WV; a long pull down the hollow to Williamsville; over Scotchtown Draft; Deerfield; West Augusta; Elkhorn Lake; back to the burg in time to eat breakfast at the Little Grill Sunday morning.

Sat. Oct 6th- Sun Oct 7th
Maps provided, maybe some sag, maybe not, probably, need GOOD lights or a very nice friend.
Contact Matt Styer matt.styer at gmail . com or Marshall Hammond marshall_hammond at

Meeting of interested persons this coming week. Date and time to be announced.

If you have a mailing list feel free to pass this on.

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