Friday, September 14, 2007


Things are in motion. The ride is on. It will be happening Oct. 6th at 1o pm until the sun comes up on Sunday morning. It is a loop this year. It is 119 miles. This is a scary ride, you should be afraid, in fact, you probably shouldn't even think about riding this. It is going to be dark and cold. You probably won't make it, there is no sag to come pick you up and your cell phone won't work up in the mountains so you can't call your wife to come pick you up. You will climb a mountain, you will ride on a lot of gravel roads through the woods. Ok, there might be a sag. Did I mention it will be dark and cold?

Here is the route.

Reddish Knob Dynamo

Alternate Route

More info to come...

Check out last year's Douthat Dynamo for an idea of what to expect.

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